The Cultural Value of Bronze Sculpture

A healthy culture tends to preserve those things it values. Through sculpture, paintings, literature, music, poetry, performance and other media, a culture preserves and conveys those valuable stories and lessons of success and sacrifice, of failures, joys and fears, so that others, living or centuries yet to be born, may benefit by the chance to share in the values and lessons of that culture.

Art encapsulates empathy. Empathy is perhaps the truest barometer of the health of an individual or of an entire culture. The person with no empathy whatever we call sociopath, while that Being with total empathy we call God. Without empathy, an individual-or a culture-withers and dies. With it however, we may continue to grow and flourish emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Because of its durability over the millennia, the art of bronze sculpture serves well to protect the messages encapsulated within it against the changes and ravages of the passing centuries.

The simple pristine truth of a three-dimensional image in bronze transcends all barriers of language, education, race, interpretation by others, and time. Bronze sculpture endures, and its capacity to share and teach and induce empathy in others endures as well.